MPC Social Services

Children’s Education Club

Due to prejudice and irregular documentation, many immigrant and refugee children are not able to enroll in Russian schools. Parents served by MPC Social Services requested an education program that would prepare children for school and keep their minds active.

The MPC children’s education club began in October 2014 in cooperation with the Civic Assistance Center. Every Thursday, a group of preschool-aged children learn in French (their native language) for two hours taught by MPC volunteers, and then learn in Russian taught by Civic Assistance volunteers. The lessons also focus on general concentration and learning skills, since for most of the children it is their first time in any education. The languages of instruction are French and Russian, as the children are predominantly from Francophone African countries and have learned Russian during their time in Moscow. The children are learning written French first as it will give them a shared base of literacy and help them gain proficiency in other languages.

MPC is looking for volunteers who can assist teaching the children and/or who could bring a prepared lunch on Thursdays for the children and mothers. For more information, please contact us at