MPC Social Services


MPC Social Services began serving Moscow in 1991, and was officially registered as a charity in 2008. It is an outgrowth of the charitable work of the English speaking, interdenominational Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy, which has been in Moscow since 1962 under an international agreement with the Soviet Union. MPC Social Services is a non-religious charity, legally separate from the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy.

In November 1991, MPC began several soup kitchens in Moscow. Our programs over the years have been created and expanded according to the ever-changing needs of the community we serve, the poor and marginalized in Moscow that are living in Russia without a strong social network to ensure safety, security, and health. Russian pensioners, single mothers, immigrants, and refugees receive care including access to food, medical consultation, clothing, and shelter. Currently, our community includes Russians, Afghans, and Africans (from Nigeria to Madagascar) and includes the languages of English, Russian, French, and Dari.

Our community of support and volunteers stems primarily from the local international community here in Moscow, and from Muscovites.